Photo Gallery

  6/2/02 All GM show at Woodley Park
Van Nuys, CA


  5/18/02 All Pontiac Car Show at Fuddruckers in Lake Forest, CA

  2/2/02 All Pontiac Show in Tustin, CA

12/9/01 Dyno Day at Morgan Motorsports in Reseda, CA

SCFB cars

My Previous Cars:
1997 Pontiac Trans Am



  Back view of my previous
GTV & Trans Am

Woodley Park, Van Nuys, CA in 11/99 at
the French & Italian Under 3 Litre Car Show

4/29/01 Napa Auto Parts 500
at California Speedway
Fontana, CA

  9/96 car show at Ault Park
Cincinnati, OH